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We are an independent window and glazing consultancy that offer a unique service to the construction industry.

We offer a complete service which includes full consultation with the design team, preparation of a detailed performance specification together with window and door schedules, budget cost analysis, assistance with detailing, provision of samples etc. Depending upon the procurement procedure we will either, obtain competitive quotations from suitably experienced sub-contractors and provide a detailed appraisal together with copies of all quotations received along with an appropriate recommendation or alternatively we can provide a suitable list of sub-contractors to enable competitive tenders to be sought by the competing main contractors. We thoroughly check and comment upon sub-contractors drawings and make all necessary site visits during the window and door installation and submit reports accordingly.

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Our vast experience and knowledge of the industry enable us to discuss projects in a professional and totally unbiased manner. We are in a position to discuss the full range of window and glazing materials with you to ensure that you and your client benefit from a full choice of materials and suppliers as opposed to being guided by the traditional salesman influencing his product range at the exclusion of others.

Our in-depth knowledge of manufacturers within the industry also ensures that your client will have the benefit of receiving the most competitive prices with the knowledge that the prices have been provided by suitable sub-contractors against a specification leaving minimal scope for later hidden extra costs.

We provide a complete proposal package for each and every project; the package will include the specification, window and door schedules, enquiry details, quotations, analysis of quotations and where appropriate a final query sheet/ points to note section as a final check to ensure that all the requirements/proposals are fully appreciated and complied with. Our involvement continues until the satisfactory completion of the contract.

We have established a well regarded reputation and we take pride in our ability to deliver a high quality service which we believe is fundamental to success.

No Direct Cost

Our service is available to architects and clients without any direct cost since we are reimbursed by way of a fee from the successful window company. It is natural to assume that the overall cost of the glazing requirements will increase because of our involvement but we have proven over the past fifteen years that this is not the case; we always provide a minimum of three to six (or more) quotations for each and every project from competitive and competent companies. We use our knowledge and experience to ensure that competitive prices are provided by competent sub-contractors for every project. The prices provided also reflect the volume of enquiries which sub-contractors receive from Glazetek. We would also point out that the specification we produce rarely if ever allows an appointed sub-contractor to claim any hidden extra cost.

We have worked on numerous projects throughout the UK and we will be pleased to provide references upon request. The gallery area of our website provides an in-depth indication of the range of projects where our services have been utilised and the range of clients whom we have worked with.


Paul Trigg

Paul Trigg (Director) – Paul has 35 years experience in the window industry having begun his career in the estimating department at Avdon in 1975. After working in various departments within the company Paul became the South West Sales Manager for Avdon in 1980.

Paul formed Glazetek in 1993 believing that there was a need for a specialist consultancy service to provide architects/clients with a dedicated service that began at the design stage and continued until project completion. Paul felt that such a service would eliminate many of the common problems encountered with window projects and also prove economically beneficial for the client.

Paul is a firm believer that service is paramount to success and prides himself on his company’s reputation for the high-quality service they provide.Darren Trigg Glazetek have worked with a number of their client base for over 15 years and the majority of architectural practices, Health / Local Authorities, project managers, main contractors and the like now use the Glazetek service on a repeat basis which is testament to the commitment and level of service which Glazetek provide.

Darren Trigg BA(Hons) Business Studies – Having worked part-time for the company during his studies Darren joined Glazetek after graduating from The University of the West of England in 2007.